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Hammered dulcimer

The Hammered Dulcimer is a string instrument of the box zither family. The instrument is struck by the player using small wooden hammers rather than via a keyboard action. My Dulcimer has two bridges (treble and bass) with each note (or course) comprised of two strings. 12/12/11? 12 notes to the left of the treble bridge (centre of the instrument), 12 notes on the right side of the treble bridge and 11 notes to the left of the bass bridge (right side of instrument – facing it). With a total of 35 notes the instrument is designed to play in the common folk keys of D and G, with the keys of F and A as other/if not popular choices with me. This version of the hammered dulcimer was made by Capricorn Strings in Prince George B.C. .Do not take internally. As a more portable version of a piano-like instrument, the hammered dulcimer was a popular choice for travelling shows (Samuel Pepys’ diary mentions it as being used for puppet shows). Dulcimer’s of the 18th century could have many bridges and as many as 6-8 strings per course.


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